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Athlete, Coach & Ambassador

Welcome to the official website of Georgina Roberts, an Olympic Trap shooter representing Wales and Great Britain


About Georgina

Georgina has represented Wales and Great Britain at Olympic Trap shooting since she was 17. As a qualified and insured shotgun coach, Georgina has found her passion for helping others achieve their goals, both privately and on the British Shooting Talent Pathway. This passion to help others is continued in her work as an ambassador for numerous sports charities, as well as a Non-Executive Director for the WCTSA. Georgina won the Sport category at the Women of the Future awards for her contribution to the shooting sport, with her achievements receiving recognition nationwide through media coverage including articles in the Telegraph and interviews with BBC Sport.



Valued supporters of Georgina


Shooting Star

I wouldn't be able to compete at the level I do without the support of Shooting Star and RC Cartridges. This partnership is fundamental to my success and I am incredibly grateful to be able to work with these brands.



I am very proud to be sponsored by Swatcom as an athlete using the slim passive headset and as a coach using the Active8 headset. When I use Swatcom products I know that my hearing is in safe hands.


Clays Bar

I am so proud to be brand ambassador to Clays Bar. Clays brings the excitement of clay target shooting into the heart of London in a fun and immersive way, introducing thousands of people to the shooting sport.


Meg Thompson Sport Rehab

Meg's support has been integral to my success over the last few years. Meg ensures that I can maximise my performance when competing by keeping my body in peak condition, as well as helping prevent injuries.



For a full list of previous media work, please contact Georgina

BBC Sport Wales

Georgina Roberts targeting Commonwealth

"The 24-year-old came first at the Malaga Grand Prix in 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic halted her ambitions."


Georgina's Mission

Protect and promote the sport

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Encourage and inspire others

Strive for greatness

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Contact Georgina

Georgina coaches at numerous grounds throughout the UK. 

Whilst normally based at E J Churchill (High Wycombe), or National Clay Shooting Centre (Bisley), Georgina travels the UK coaching for British Shooting and is occasionally able to accommodate coaching sessions at other grounds. 


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