Women of the Future 2019

On Wednesday 8th May 2019, I was honoured enough to be invited to the Women of the Future event, which was held at the BT centre in London.

The WOF programme was founded by Pinky Lilani CBE DL, the programme is used as a platform to unlock a culture of kindness and collaboration among leaders. Its purpose is being able to build professional and personal relationships with one another, but also to be advocates for an exciting new generation of business leadership talent.

The hosts invited over 100 students from 20 schools across the UK to attend the event, in order to network and learn from influential women. The organisers implemented ‘games’ into networking, such as mingle bingo. This helped build the courage to introduce themselves to different individuals who weren’t already in their group. After building relationships with one another, both students and ambassadors were invited to listen to a number of influential speakers.

Speeches were given from industry leaders, such as Lady Nicola Mendelsohn CBE, who is the Vice-President for Facebook for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. On top of this, she was named “the most powerful woman in the tech industry”, by The Daily Telegraph. Lady Mendelsohn discussed university and following your passion, explaining how she went from wanting to be an astronaut, to an actress and finally to tech industry leader. A truly inspiring story that proves that you should always follow your dreams and whilst doing well in exams is important, so is doing what makes you happy.

We also heard from Janet Pope, chief of staff for Lloyds Banking Group, who were also the main sponsor of Wednesday’s event. Mrs Pope discussed how she is also on the board for an all girl’s school in London, which was built for those who are less-privileged. Whilst these girls may come from a deprived back-ground, it was revealed that in fact the school gets more girls being accepting into Oxbridge than any of the local private schools. This just goes to show that you can truly achieve anything you set your mind to.

The rest of the evening was spent networking with ambassadors. Students moved from industry to industry to find out more about who we all are and what we all do. Whilst I was there representing The Mintridge Foundation, it was great to talk to young women about shooting and how rewarding it can be. It was also an amazing opportunity for me to help break down how young people stereotype shooting as a sport, it’s not all about middle aged men in tweed!

The Mintridge Foundation is a sports charity that I am an ambassador for. They work with schools and sports clubs across the country to try and promote participation in sport and encouraging those who take part to carry on doing so. In order to promote this, the charity uses high performance athletes from a huge range of sports, including many famous faces. It’s a true honour to be able to work with such a fantastic charity and I am truly grateful for them to have made it possible for me to get involved with such a fantastic cause that is the Women of the Future programme!

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