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Meet the 15 'women of the future' you need to know

November 2019

Every year, the Women of the Future Awards honour the most talented up-and- coming women in Britain. Across industries from science to media, business and property and social enterprise, they are expert at shining a light on the next generation of leaders.

Shooter hailed as 'Woman Of The Future'

November 2019

Olympic Trap shooter and British Shooting coach Georgina Roberts has won a ‘Women of the Future’ award for her contribution to sports.

Shooter recognised as 'Woman Of The Future'

November 2019

BASC member Georgina Roberts, aged 22 from North Wales, was recently awarded the ‘Women of the Future’ award for her contribution to sports.

Woman Of The Future - Georgina Roberts

November 2019

Georgina Roberts recognised for her contribution to the shooting sport, winning the Sport category at the Women Of The Future Awards 2019.

Becoming a coach with Georgina Roberts

January 2020

"Her experience of international competition and all the associated highs and lows, along with a clear understanding of the time and dedication required to reach that level, left her well-placed to advise her diverse group of clients in all areas of their own shooting."

Women's Sport Trust launches 'unlocked' campaign to push for 'greater ambition'

January 2020

"The Women's Sport Trust has launched a campaign called 'unlocked' which will pair 40 elite athletes from 24 sports with leading figures from business, sport and the media."

Georgina Roberts 'hungry' for shooting success

July 2020

"In January, trap shooter Georgina Roberts made her competitive international debut at the Malaga Grand Prix and won it. 
Two months later, the coronavirus pandemic temporarily put the 23-year-old's ambitions on hold, but she says that time off has "made her hungrier"."

Georgina Roberts: Advice for young athletes

July 2020

"Make something visual which will remind you what your goals are. I keep a spider diagram of my goals in front of my desk, so I have a constant reminder of where I want to go and what I want to achieve."

Why Being Sporty Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Feminine


July 2020

"So, to set the record straight and show you that sporty is sexy, I spoke to Olympic Trap Shooter Georgina Roberts who represents Great Britain and Wales. Despite competing in a male-dominated sport, she still flaunts beautifully manicured nails with rings on her fingers and bracelets on her wrists at competitions because she (rightly) believes that you can be both feminine and sporty."

Six Welsh athletes selected for British Shooting World Class Programme

September 2020

British Shooting recently announced their World Class Programme for 2020 – 2021 and six Welsh athletes were selected to the Podium and National Academy elements of the programme.

How I started in British Shooting: Georgina Roberts

November 2020

"Her experience and wealth of experience in international competition gives her an amazing opportunity to now coach, and share what she has learnt along the way."

Georgina Roberts: The Interview

January 2021

“You have to be very resilient and cope with repetition, because there’s a lot of it! It’s a case of doing it over and over again for years and years; there’s no magic secret, just training and hard work."

Georgina Roberts: Gunning for Gold

January 2021

"Not only is Georgina Roberts Wales’ number 1 female shooter, she is also a coach, a columnist, a board member, a digital publisher, an ambassador for both The Mintridge Foundation and Women’s Sports Trust, and a university student. The Athlete Media Group had the pleasure of talking to Roberts, whilst wondering if there is anything that the trap shooter can’t do."

Summer training camp for those new to Olympic clay disciplines

April 2021

Having graduated to the British Shooting World Class Programme, and as a coach in the Pathway, Georgina Roberts is the perfect person to lead the dynamic team in delivering this exciting initiative.

Georgina Roberts targets Commonwealth

May 2021

"The 24-year-old came first at the Malaga Grand Prix in 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic halted her ambitions."

Women In Sport - British Army

July 2021

2024 Paris Olympics hopeful Georgina Roberts was also on hand to give out tips to newcomers.

5 minutes with Georgina Roberts

September 2021

We spend 5 minutes s with Georgina Roberts, Brand Ambassador and Marketing Manager, Clays London

Georgina Roberts: Shooting's absence from Commonwealth Games 'a real blow'

March 2022

Welsh trap shooter Georgina Roberts is hoping to put her Commonwealth Games disappointment behind her at the first ISSF World Cup event of the year.

Georgina Roberts: Commonwealth Games Disappointment

March 2022

Welsh trap shooter Georgina Roberts is hoping to put her Commonwealth Games disappointment behind her at the first ISSF World Cup event of the year.

Great Britain Hot-Shot Targeting Greater Inclusivity and Equality

March 2022

Georgina Roberts has been blasting through barriers in a bid to empower other women shooters to hit the bullseye.

Trailblazing Flintshire Coach wants to inspire more women and girls into sport

March 2022

On International Women’s Day, Georgina Roberts is sending a message that more needs to be done to support and empower women.

Georgina Roberts – Inspiring Women and Girls to Play and Coach in Sports

March 2022

Georgina Roberts who, at 17, participated in Olympic Trap Shooting for Great Britain has been vocal in trying to get coaching seen as more of an option for women, saying, “We should believe in them and support their journey in sport and coaching. If we send out that message, we can break down barriers and encourage them to chase their goals, rather than seeking permission or waiting for someone to ask.”