"When I met Georgina, I was looking to improve at 'English Sports', as I don't know much about shotguns or Olympic Trap.  I went from lacking a bit of self-belief at the start, to shooting massive targets on the first lesson. That just blew me away!
I was quite nervous about the lesson and was concerned my nerves would have a bad effect on my shooting, but in the end it was not at all what I expected. Georgina's approach was incredibly positive, fun & relaxed, I took more from that first day than I have from a lifetime of “self teaching”!

Jelena Rozenko

Thank you for an excellent morning of tuition. Not only was it enjoyable, but you’ve given me a number of concrete things I can do which have improved my shooting. I’ve only been shooting once since, but you have definitely made a difference and have improved my confidence as well as my technique.

We’ll definitely be back for more!

Simon Watt

I have been shooting sporting clays for a long time and have had various lessons over the years looking purely at technique. I have been plateauing in my scores for a number of years and felt part of my problem was mental and tactical as well as technique. I saw Georgina was advertising teaching mental and tactical approaches as well as technique so decided to give it a go. My first session with Georgina focused on my mental and tactical approach as well as some pointers on my technique.  Her suggestions were simply explained and made perfect sense. I really enjoyed my session with Georgina and whilst I haven’t yet had a chance to put her ideas for me into practice I certainly intend to and am planning to have a follow up session soon with Georgina. I have no hesitation recommending her for anyone looking to improve mental and tactical approach and/or technique.

John Cooper